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    If you’re a Wizard101 player, you know how thrilling it is to explore new worlds, put your combat abilities to the test in ranked PvP matches, and purchase your very own castle. Then again, if you don’t have access to your mom and dad’s credit card, maybe you don’t. You’re stuck using crowns, and they are such a pain to get without paying money (until now)!It is a popular freemium game mostly aimed at kids. When you first started playing,odds are you loved the freemium model, because it meant you didn’t need a credit card to play. After a while, though, you probably changed your mind. After all, the kids and older players who do have access to credit cards and who can buy a subscription model get to do so much more than you do, like:

    •Explore all the worlds that are playable in the Wizard101 universe.

    •Play in ranked PvP matches.

    •Participate in ranked pet derby races.

    •Purchase land and castles.

    •Craft with advanced abilities.

    •Use gifting capabilities.

    •Get a larger backpack.

    •Regenerate energy much more quickly.

    •Take advantage of incredibly handy social features like True Friends, a larger friends list, and so on.

    If you do not have a subscription, you are stuck going through the crowns system. You need to obtain crowns to unlock access to areas, pay the PvP tournament fees, and so on. There are a few ways you can earn crowns in-game:

    •Watch the videos which are available to you to earn crowns.

    •Play trivia quizzes.

    •Invite friends to the game.

    •Play in contests sponsored by official fansites.

    •Buy them using real-life money (yep, we are right back to needing a credit card).

    The above methods are time-consuming and it can take ages to generate enough crowns to do what you want to do in the game. There is an easier way, a free way.We are going to tell you all about it in just a little bit.Crowns are not expensive. You can purchase 2,500 for just $5.00, but that is off the point for a lot of young gamers. Your parents may not want to spend $5.00 to get you 2,500 crowns in Wizard101, not because it is too expensive, but simply because they do not believe in spending money on MMOs. You know how discouraging that can be. Your friends race past you in the tournament rankings and buy exclusive items, land, and castles while you are left in the dust.They get to explore all the exciting and exotic worlds in Wizard101 while you are stuck just hanging around Wizard City.

    If you’re tired of missing out on all the fun, guess what—you don’t have to anymore! Using our Generator is a breeze.All you have to do is enter your username and generate as many or few crowns as you want. There is nothing you need to download or pay for. The generator is linked right to your account.So when you log in, you will see your crowns waiting for you,and you can finally buy the land and exclusive items you want, gain access to all of Wizard101’s worlds,and take part in the tournaments.

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    It has been coded by programmers to be undetectable by administrators, but the security of the system relies on using it wisely. You will get caught if you are constantly generating huge numbers of crowns. So stick to using it occasionally when you need it, and generating only what you need for yourself and your friends.Isn’t it awesome you don’t need to have a credit card to enjoy all that Wizard101 has to offer?We bet you never guessed it could be so easy.So what are you waiting for?Enter in your username and have fun!